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Akin Changed Voter Registration Same Day Post Dispatch Story was Published

Here is a pro tip for Todd Akin: When there is a story published about you possibly being registered to vote at the wrong address, changing your registration that day won't really help -- or make you look innocent for that matter. 

More than three years after buying a home in Wildwood, U.S. Rep. Todd Akin is now a voter there, too.

County voting records show Akin amended his registration at the end of last month, the same day the Post-Dispatch published a story questioning whether the Republican Senate hopeful was voting in the right city.

Akin voted 10 times in Town and Country, where he grew up and raised his family, even after purchasing a new house about 18 miles west, near the county line in Wildwood. In 2009, he told visitors to his Capitol Hill office that he lived in Wildwood.



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