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Todd Akin Living in Wildwood is Just Like a Soldier Going to Fallujah

ThinkProgress caught an interesting section of an interview KMOX's Mark Reardon did with Rep. Todd Akin about his voter registration controversy.

In the interview, he nonchalantly compares voting from his old address in Town and Country to soldiers stationed overseas voting from their home address in the United States: 

Even students or people that are now serving in the military a lot of times, their home is really back at their home address and not in Fallujah or somewhere else, you know…

This legislation was enacted before Congressman Akin's time in D.C., but there are specific laws that guarentee soldiers and American citizens living overseas the right to cast an absentee ballot in their home districts. 

There is no such provision provided for people moving between cities within St. Louis County, and, in fact, there are penalties for voting in one jurisdiction and living somewhere else. In other words, Rep. Akin might want to be careful about how he is justifying his actions.

Listen to the full interview excerpt here:  



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