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KC Star Opines on Schaaf and Mayer's "Jefferson City Style" Ethics Slip Up

As the Star reported Sunday, Senator Rob Schaaf was a vocal opponent of a medical malpractice regulation bill. There is only one problem. Schaaf owns a medical malpractice insurance firm that would be regulated by the bill, and he was  a key voice in an effort to ensure the bill didn't pass. 

Schaaf even serves as Vice Chairman of the committee that did not pass the bill on to the entire State Senate for debate, and his conflict of interest was never disclosed to the public. Read an excerpt from the Star's editorial

An unsavory picture of Missouri government is presented by the Senate’s handling of a bill meant to protect the state from a meltdown in the medical malpractice insurance market.

Sen. Rob Schaaf, a St. Joseph Republican, rushed into the office of Senate leader Rob Mayer as soon as he learned of the bill’s existence, The Star reported Sunday.

Schaaf had good reason to be concerned. He owns a medical malpractice insurance firm that would be regulated under the bill’s provisions.

A good-government optimist could hope Schaaf was hurrying to inform his Senate leader of his direct financial interest in the bill and to make sure he wasn’t assigned to play a role in its progress.

But that’s not what happened. Mayer assigned the bill to a committee where the outspoken Schaaf is vice chairman. The malpractice insurance reforms never even got discussed.



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