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Engler Still Upset God Didn't Pick Him to Lead Senate

As you may recall, God chose Rob Mayer over Kevin Engler when Senate Republicans drew lots to pick their leader last winter.  (No joke.)  Well, Sen. Engler is not impressed with the work of the Chosen One:

There was little accomplished this special session, a session that probably shouldn’t have been called in the first place. It was all good and well for legislative leaders to tour the state in July, promising the passage of an economic development bill, but they failed to let the rest of the General Assembly in on their plan.

When we convened in early September, we were presented with a massive bill few of us were familiar with that would have serious consequences for the future of our state. This led to weeks of debate in the beginning of the special session, where from most perspectives it probably looked like we were accomplishing nothing in the Capitol. It was a slow and painful process to watch, and even more so for those of us who participated in it...

In the next few months, I will be putting together legislation to file for next year’s regular session, but if we can’t have a clear plan and better consensus then it might not even be worth it.



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