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Post-Dispatch: Missouri's New TANF Drug-Testing Law is "Mean-Spirited, Useless and Expensive"

The Post-Dispatch rightly criticizes Missouri's new law (HB73) that targets the poorest among us for drug testing, but imposes no similar drug testing requirements for wealthier recipients of taxpayer assistance.  

There is no evidence — none — that welfare recipients are any more likely to be on drugs than other classes of people — such as lawmakers or corporate executives — who receive taxpayer funds. The law, like dozens of others considered by state legislatures in recent years, simply is another front in the class war started by the Republican Party...

Today, the poor are under attack by the GOP, and drug-testing laws for welfare recipients are a weapon of choice. They are mean-spirited, useless and expensive wastes of time...

Missouri's GOP lawmakers, and the handful of Democrats who joined them, were wrong to follow Florida's example. Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon was weak-kneed not to veto the bill. We look forward to the courts ending this unconstitutional farce.

The General Assembly and Governor Nixon really missed the mark on this bill. 



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