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Congress Solves Jobs Crisis, Moves on to National Motto

Stop the presses! Congress has apparently solved the jobs crisis, reduced unemployment to 0%, ended global warming, brought all of our troops home and achieved world peace!  Beacuse of the overnight success of solving all the world's problems, they have spare time to do things like pass resolutions regarding our national motto.

Wait.  You're telling me unemployment is still above 9%?  And we have troops around the world?  Are you sure global warming is still real?  No world peace?  I'm crushed.  I'm not sure I can go on with this entry.  I'll let Congressman Cleaver take it from here:

Friends, obviously we are a Nation Under God. It has been our national motto since 1956, and as a minister, I needed no reminding. It is my personal motto as well. My vote on H.Con.Res. 13, a non-binding resolution that carries no force of law, was a stand on principle. This resolution was brought to the Floor at a time when our nation’s economy is in deep peril and our constituents are depending on us to create jobs – not to reaffirm mottos. We need to be working for the people in our districts, in our states and in our country on real legislation that can help put them back to work right now, help keep them in their homes right now, and help them feed their children right now. And yes – In God We Trust – and In God I Trust.

Can I get an Amen?



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