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Steelman Wants Lower Taxes, Akin Wants Steelman To Do Her Homework

This past summer, Rep Akin failed time and time again to meet with constituents concerned about his votes on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Yesterday, Akin and fellow wannabe Senator Sarah Steelman had their first formal debate. Third man in John Brunner was "unable" to attend.

You can listen to the hour-long debate here

Highlights from the coverage:

If a 28 year old man without health insurance gets cancer, Steelman sure "hopes somebody takes care of him".

Also, for the first time in modern history, a Conservative has used the analogy that health insurance is "just like car insurance", which would probably make the folks over at Fox news cringe.

On taxes, Steelman's platform seems a bit confusing typical (emphasis added):

"What I think we need to do is close loopholes, broaden the base and push the income tax rate down as far as we possibly can, both on individual and corporate (taxes) because we're not competitive worldwide," said Steelman, adding she would also favor cutting capital gains taxes.

Close tax loopholes: check

Broaden the base: What does that mean? Like Tax Everything?

Push the income tax rate down as far as we possibly can: OK, de-fund everything. Got it.

Cutting capital gains taxes: Really? We want to cut them still? Again? Someone should tell Steelman that the Bush tax cuts on income and capital gains has had something to do with the large income inequality those crazy Occupy people keep talking about. 

I wish I could have heard Akin tell Steelman "you ought do your homework."

Read cover at the St. Louis Beacon.




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