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Aunt Norma's money machine in overdrive

From The Turner Report


A Democratic challenger for the 30th Senatorial
District seat currently held by Republican incumbent Norma
"Aunt Norma" Champion only emerged this week, but her campaign
finance machinery has been clicking on all cylinders for quite a while.
Ms. Champion's campaign finance committee's January quarterly report filed with
the Missouri Ethics Commission shows her having $145,739.26 in the bank
already, including $116,425 raised in the three-month period between Oct. 15
and January 15.
That puts the challenger, former State Representative Doug Harpool, in a hole
right from the start.

Her donor list is a typical collection of Missouri GOP supporters, her fellow
Senators, special interests, lobbyists, and Springfield bigwigs.

Among those contributing:
Kansas City
Power & Light PAC, $600 (the maximum),

Credit Union PAC $300;

Realtors PAC, Columbia,

HBAM PAC, $400;

PAC for Progressive Architecture, $600;

State Chiropractors
Association PAC, $600;

 Missouri Insurance Coalition PAC, $300;

AMECPAC, $100;

Blue Cross and Blue Shield PAC $600;

Motor Carrier Public Affairs, $600;

J. Scott Marrs (lobbyist) $150;

 Aaron Sachs and
Associates $600;

Harvey Tettlebaum (lobbyist) $100;

The Flotron Organization (lobbying group) $250;

Dental Hygienist PAC $300;

 MAFP PAC $400;

Empire District Electric Company PAC $600;

Apollo Group, Inc., Phoenix,
Ariz., $500;

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri $600;

Leadership Missouri
PAC $300;

Missouri Hospital
Association St. Louis
District PAC, $600;

Cable PAC, $600;

John Q. Hammons Company, $600;

American Insurance Association Missouri PAC, $200;

Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund, $600;

 Nodler Leadership
PAC, $600;

Dental PAC $600;

Greater Kansas City
Chamber of Commerce $600.

In addition to the Nodler Leadership PAC contribution mentioned above, Ms.
Champion received donations from the following Republican party committees or
politicians' campaign committees:

Friends of Bob Dixon, $600;

 Shields for Pro Tem,

 Republican Sixth
District Congressional Committee, $600;

 Citizens for Dolan,
$600; Goodman for Senate, $600;

Chuck Gross for Pro Tem $600;

 3rd Senatorial
District Republican Committee $300;

Stouffer for Senator $600; Citizens for Brad Lager $600.
Other contributors included Aaron Buerge, best known for his appearance on the
ABC television series, "The Bachelor."



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