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Q: Just How French Is Kenny Hulshof?

A: So French that he has a thousand bottle wine cellar in his home and takes vacations in wine country.

In the April edition of Fred Perry's singularly loathesome and self-congratulatory Inside Columbia magazine is an "Inside Look" at the Columbia home of 9th District Congressman Kenny Hulshof. The seven-page spread --which features eleven photos of items such as Hulshof's 1920's French cupboard and his den's fabric-covered walls-- perfectly captures the essence of a man who could hardly be more ill-suited to the folks in his central and northeast Missouri district.

How many of Hulshof's constituents have made homebuying decisions based on their high-end taste in beverages, as Hulshof has? The story reads...

The downstairs houses one of Kenny's favorite rooms -- the wine cellar. He says it was this room that convinced him that this was the house for them.

"Renee is the much better politician because she knew what it was going to take to get me to buy this house," Kenny says of her willingness to convert the home's one storage area into a wine cellar to house their growing collection. The couple's interest in wine dates back to their honeymoon in Napa.

And if we judge by the magazine story that accompanies the Hulshof home tour, Kenny dips his bill into his "growing collection" on a weekly basis --at least when he's not in Napa.

While their Sundays are still busy -- attending church at the Newman Center and doing yard work -- they make haviing fun a priority.

This fun entails playing basketball on the patio while the Sunday evening meal of steaks and baked potatoes cooks on the grill. It's also the time that Renee and Kenny enjoy a glass of wine from their impressive collection of more than 800 bottles.


I live in Hulshof's district. Not in the fancy part of Kenny's neighborhood where the homes have wine cellars, but in decidely un-French Southern Boone County. Folks where I live --as is the case in much of the rural 9th Congressional-- drink Budweiser from the can, Miller Lite if it's on sale.

In Ashland, it's always a bad year for Bordeaux. But don't ask Kenny about that --he obviously wouldn't know.



From the Inside Columbia spread, here's a photo of the Hulshof Wine Cellar:






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