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Easter Eggs in the Median? The Hard-Knock Life of Cynthia's Kids

Rep. Cynthia Davis (R-O'Fallon) claims to be devoutly religious, regularly invoking tortured theological reasons for introducing anti-science and regressive legislation. Yet even on the holiest day on the Christian calendar, she apparently doesn't value the safety of her own offspring enough to keep one from wandering around her town's busy streets.

Police in the town of O'Fallon reportedly responded Sunday to a call regarding a female child wandering aimlessly on and around Highway K. Motorist passersby, it seems, thought it unusual that a youngster would be wandering the busy roadway by foot, alone on Easter Sunday, and called the authorities to look into the matter.

When police arrived on the scene, they identified the child and determined where she lived and who she was. Reportedly, the state Department of Social Services also became engaged in the matter, since it involved the safety and welfare of a child. When the relevant agents looked into the situation, they also learned that the absentee parent responsible for the child's safety was none other than rabid "family values" proselytizer Cynthia Davis.

Davis has cornered the market on reprehensible policy that stems from her contention that she knows better than anyone else what is good for the state's children --whether it regards the teaching of evolution, education on contraception, or child-birth itself. Yet these reports lay out for us the description of a woman who can't even take care of her own children on a Sunday holiday of family celebration.

Davis should be as embarassed of her own failing as we are of having her represent us in the legislature. She is a joke, and has already shown that she has neither the ability nor willingness to comply with other provisions of law. Little wonder that she cannot hold up her duties as a parent either.

Until she proves that she has the werewithal to handle both the responsibilities of her office and the necessities of parenthood, she should resign from the legislature. Judging by recent events, the safety of her seven children may well rest on her doing so.



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