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Corruption runs deep in Lincoln County

I have heard rumors and grumblings about corruption and the "good ole boy system" in Lincoln County for years, but until recently, I had never witnessed it first hand.

First of all, how on earth did Lincoln County manage to sweep the deaths of two young boys under the rug the way they have?  Has anyone read anymore about the consequenses of the actions of the police officer that night?  The media has completely forgotton about these two young boys and their grieving families and friends.

Two days after Christmas of last year, after much planning, my husband managed to get a child protection order against me as well as an ex parte against me and have me removed from my home without warning or reason.  I wondered how can this be?  Out of the clear blue I was homeless and without my two little girls (ages 2 and 4).  Needless to say I was devestated and confused.  I spent the next three days at a battered womens shelter in Lincoln County and then moved in with my sister in Lake St. Louis.  Fifteen days later I was finally given my day in court (so to speak).  My attorney met with his attorney and they "hashed out things".  The child protection order was dropped because it was unfounded, but the judge awarded him an ongoing ex parte AND awarded him temporary custody of my girls!  How can this happen?  I asked at that time to talk to the judge and was told that I could not that everything was already signed and done!  What did I just pay an attorney 500.00 for?  I was again kicked to the curb not only by my husband, but by the Lincoln County "justice" system!  This was the first of what's proved to be a long arduous battle with Lincoln County.  One of the problems is that my husband and his family are friends with several judges, the sheriff and the court clerk.

In February, after a visitation with my girls for the weekend, my two year old daughter suffered from a horrible urinary tract infection and would wake up in the middle of the night screaming "NO NO NO DADDY NO NO".  The next morning I asked my four year old daughter about what was going on at home.  She said she wasn't supposed to tell me but daddy was sleeping with [the 2 year old].  I had also caught my youngest daughter masterbating on several occassions.  Everything started coming together in my head and a mothers worst nightmare was happening to my youngest child.  Her father was molesting her!  I immediately contacted DFS in Lincoln County.  Two days later I contacted the case worker to ask what was going on with the case.  She then informed me that she had gone to my house and sat down with my daughter and my husband, and since my daughter could not verbalize to her what was going on, the case was dismissed for "lack of evidence".

Seven weeks later, in the office of my therapist I was telling her what was going on, and asked her opinion.  She told me that she had no doubt that my daughter was being molested.  Maybe not by my husband, but definitely by someone and she informed me that she had a duty to call it in to DFS.  I told her I had already tried that to no avail, and she said maybe coming from a licensed therapist, they would take it more seriously.  NOT!  Two days later, the same result.  The same case worker went to my house, sat down in the living room with my daughter AND my husband and again, my daughter was non verbal, so again the case was dismissed.

In April, after picking up my daughters from Lincoln County, I drove them to the DFS office myself.  My daughter had a fresh hand print on the inside of her thigh.  I showed this to a new caseworker as well as a police officer.  They both said, well, it looks like it could be a hand print, but I cant say for sure.  The officer and the case worker wanted to talk to both of my daughters, but my daughters are very cautious and scared around strange men and refused to go into his office by themselves.  My daughters both hugged my leg and wouldnt let go.  I finally asked the case worker "Dan" if I could just sit in there with them on my lap and not say a word, afterall I'M not the one who's doing any wrongdoing here, but he would not see of it!  So again, nothing out of DFS.  What has to happen to my daughters to get any help?

I have had to move four times since December because my sister in law continues to follow me and harass me.  She puts my daughters in the car and has them show her where I live!  She is at every single child exchange with my soon to be ex husband, she has stood in the middle of McDonalds parking lot screaming at me, cursing me and threatening me.  She's even done it in front of Troy police officers who just tell her to go back to her vehicle.

After finally having enough, I went this week to Lincoln County courthouse to obtain an ex parte against my sister in law.  I filled out the proper paperwork and submitted it to the court clerk and was told to "call or come back" in a half hour after the judge reviewed the paperwork.  Thirty minutes later I showed back up to get my signed paperwork, and to my surprise, it was DENIED by judge Amy Kinker!  I asked the court clerk why or how it could be denied and was told that the judge didn't have to give me a reason.  I then asked to speak with the judge and of course was told that I could not.  I then got on the phone with my divorce attorney who told me that a judge cannot deny an exparte, and by law HAS to give you a court date.  Guess what?  We're not dealing with just any judge, we're dealing with Lincoln County and Amy Kinker!  Amy Kinker has several complaints filed against her with the Missouri Bar Association and will soon add another one from me!  What she did was not only unconventional but ILLEGAL!  Simply because she saw the name on the paperwork.  A friend.  In Lincoln County, it's all in a name.  Something has got to be done about them!  What can we do?  I'm not done with this obviously.  I'm filing a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission as far as DFS dropping the ball three times, filing the complaint with the Missouri Bar Association to file a complaint against Amy Kinker and will be in contact with Elliot Davis to see if Channel 2 News will also get involved.  Afterall, Lincoln County taxpayers are paying these criminals' paychecks!




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