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Governor Reasserts Pro-Discrimination Stance

The Board of Governor's for the Missouri State University voted Friday to expand the university's anti-discrimination clause to prohibit discrimination against persons based on their sexual orientation. Governor Matt Blunt was quick to respond to the vote with a stern rebuke. Obviously, making sure that homosexuals are treated with dignity was a step too far for Blunt.

In a statement issued by his office yesterday, Blunt said:

"Missouri State University has long been an institution that welcomes
people of different backgrounds from all around the globe. The
university's past policies have protected those with differing views
and their ever-increasing enrollment is proof that a diverse student
body feels welcome on campus. I do not believe today's vote was
necessary and am disappointed with those who pressed for it while more
pressing matters command the administration and the board's full
attention. Today's decision bows to the forces of political
correctness. It was unnecessary and bad."

Blunt seems to believe, because students continue to enroll at the Missouri State University, there is no need to make sure that individuals are protected from improper and illegal treatment. We might remind him that people continue to go to work for the Missouri Department of Agriculture despite the hostile environment created there by department leadership.

Given past performance, there could hardly be a less qualified judge of the need for controls on discriminatory behavior than Matt Blunt. He ought to learn something from the actions of Missouri State University board, rather than spend time criticizing it.



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