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Kinder mum on whether he will support small business; offers chilled whine instead

This evening, Peter Kinder delivered the GOP response to the State of the State.

But he was stone-cold silent on whether he would support a job-creating small business loan program through the Missouri Development Finance Board.  One of Kinder's few duties as a part-time officeholder is serving on the MDFB.  Kinder has routinely used the MDFB to fund his pet-projects, like pro-sports stadiums and french-style bike races.  So far, Kinder has balked at Jay Nixon's plan to use MDFB job creation funds for small business job creation--- even after GOP Speaker Ron Richard endorsed the plan.

This evening, Kinder mostly had chilled whine for Missourians.  He whined about planning for federal stimulus funds in the state budget, even though GOP Senate Leader Charlie Shields has appointed a committee to do just that.  

And he whined about the balanced budget, but provided no alternative details about how he would balance the state's books.

He whined about Governor Nixon's plan to freeze college tuition and support elementary and secondary education.

And finally, he whined that the crack staff at the Missouri GOP provided a dead web link to his response­.

(If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it really happen?­)



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