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Will Armstrong boycott "My Bicycle Race" over Kinder's stem cell opposition... or turn it into a rolling rebuke?

GOP gray beards are growing increasingly concerned that Peter Kinder may be heading for a political pile-up over his bike race.  

In a bizarre obsession, Kinder has taken to referring to the Tour of Missouri as "My Bicycle Race," signaling to anyone who will listen that it is the one thing in Jefferson City that he controls.  He has essentially merged the race with his political persona.

At that same time, Kinder's staff has been raising expectations that Lance Armstrong will participate in "My Bicycle Race."

These two converging factors have senior GOP strategist increasingly fearing the following no-win scenarios for Kinder and their party:

1. The pro-research and cures Armstrong will boycott the race over its chief patron's opposition to stem cell research and cures.

2. Armstrong will participate, but convert the race into a seven day rolling rebuke of Kinder and the GOP over its anti-cures dogma.

3. The pile-up will drive corporate sponsors of Kinder's bike race heading for the exits, forcing Kinder to divert additional job creation money from state coffers to cover his race's red-ink.

4. Sponsors who share Kinder opposition to stem cell research (the Drury Family and the Missouri Farm Bureau) may find themselves in the remarkably awkward position of helping to pay for Armstrong's pro-stem cell soap box.   



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