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Ron Richard "isn't interested in additional ethics reform"

imageWhy won't the Republican leadership stand by their promises to clean up the Capitol?

Eighteen bills in the House and Senate this year propose campaign finance or ethics reform. Thirteen haven’t even gotten a preliminary hearing, making chances slim they’ll get through the legislative process.

Meanwhile, an FBI investigation continues to probe “pay for play” allegations in the General Assembly, and news stories continue to chronicle ethical concerns involving lawmakers or their staff....

House Speaker Ron Richard, a Joplin Republican, said Thursday he wasn’t interested in additional ethics reform. A bill passed last year removing campaign contribution limits achieved all the goals he had set.

Money can flow without limits --- problem solved!?  And, Richard says, he isn't interested in passing any bills that won't pass the Senate (that hasn't stopped the GOP leadership from passing anything else on its narrow ideological agenda, but that's neither here nor there).

I guess Richard feels some reluctance to make a stand on ethics reform, fearful that voters might think he cares about ethics reform. Or maybe it's +because any sort of reform would shut down the game that put Richard in power and lines the pockets of his benefactors.  I can't decide which.



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