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Democracy For America Campaign Academy -- October 3-4 in Columbia

In just a few weeks, Democracy for America will be hosting a Campaign Academy in Columbia -- and you're invited. The weekend of October 3-4, trainers from across the country will offer dozens of sessions, on everything from fundraising and field to issue advocacy and organizing precincts.

DFA members in Columbia are helping plan the weekend, which promises to include lots of fun, social networking and training for activists from all parts of Missouri.

Not convinced? Here are the organizers' Top 10 reasons to attend:

  1. Learn how to plan and run a winning grassroots campaign
  2. Meet and hear from local progressive candidates and incumbents
  3. Learn from trainers with decades of experience
  4. Mingle with other progressive activists at the world famous Shakespeare's Pizza for a Saturday night social event.
  5. Get a copy of our 180 page Grassroots Campaign Training Manual
  6. Set goals and make plans to pass progressive legislation
  7. Re-connect with old friends from the campaign
  8. Help elect progressive mayors, city council members, state representatives, state senators, and other offices in 2010
  9. Learn to organize your neighborhood or precinct
  10. Look for a new job or volunteer opportunity

Event details and registration are at



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