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Bond Must Have Missed The Memo

In today's Post-Dispatch, Kit Bond poo-poos all of "the paths laid out thus far" to reduce global warming and climate changing emissions, and suggests that the climate legislation before the Senate right now is only supported by nefarious coastal elites. "This is being pushed, absolutely, by the people of California and the people of New England who don't rely on coal for electricity," he said.

Bond has been busy downplaying the existence of climate change and pushing manifestly flawed cost estimates about the proposed cap and trade legislation, so maybe he missed the memos about the strong support for climate legislation here in Missouri.

A Pew poll published a few months ago shows that 79% of Midwesterners favor action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and 76% of Midwesterners believe global warming already constitutes a serious threat. In addition, a Democracy Poll published about the same time shows that Missouri voters favored a clean energy plan based on President Obama’s approach by 18 points, 57-39.



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