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Peter Kinder's uncanny ability to find different reason for delaying his announcement that he is running for Govneror continues. The lastest reasons are a "wicked upper respiratory infection" and after that some "minor foot surgery." 

I would try to guess whats next, but it's not even worth it. Here is more from Jason Rosenbaum with the St. Louis Beacon.  

Kinder said in an interview that his "listening tour" to guage his election chances has been slowed by what he described as a "wicked upper respiratory infection."

"I’m on a Z-pack for it right now and cough medicine," Kinder said during the interview, as he was mingling Tuesday with tea party activists during a rally on Lindell Boulevard, across the street from Tom Carnahan’s house. President Barack Obama later held a fundraising event at the home….

Kinder gave no timetable for his decision, adding that he’s facing "some minor foot surgery later this year."

"We’ve got to work all that in while still touring the state and allow some time for recovery," he added.

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