UPDATE: Committee Chair Sue Entlicher has moved the hearing on the voter suppression bills from 6:45AM to 8AM. While they are still terrible bills which should never be passed in to law, it is good that they will be heard at a time when the public has the opportunity to attend.

Also, check out Secretary of State Jason Kander's statement:

“There is no reason that a public hearing of the Missouri House of Representatives should be held at 6:45 a.m. It is not open and honest government, and it creates an unnecessary hardship for Missourians interested in testifying on the legislation or just listening to the hearing,” Kander said. “Hearings should always be held at easily accessible times for Missourians, especially when dealing with legislation as controversial and complicated as these proposals. The committee should change the timing of this hearing to allow Missourians to more easily be a part of the legislative process.”


Missouri House republicans are terrified that someone might actually want to attend a hearing on disenfranchising tens of thousands of Missouri voters by requiring restrictive voter ID laws, so they've scheduled the committee hearings of those bills for 6:45AM in an effort to keep voting rights advocates from attending.

Pretty audacious if you ask me. Then again, who wouldn't want to do their dirtiest deeds under the cover of darkness?

Take a look:

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