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In a ruling yesterday, Cole County Judge Patricia Joyce couldn't have been more clear in what she thinks of Rex Sinquefield's ballot initiative which would eliminate Missouri's income tax and replace it with a sales tax. From the Columbia Tribune:

The ruling was especially hard on [Auditor Tom] Schweich. She called his analysis “insufficient, unfair and prejudicial.” Joyce said Schweich had based his description of the financial impact “solely on the biased and not credible analysis” of Lucas Tomicki, who worked for a consulting firm hired by Sinquefield’s campaign committee, Let Voters Decide.?

“Both Fiscal Note summaries are insufficient in that they fail to inform the reader what is certain to happen — a loss of $7.5 billion in state government revenue,” Joyce wrote. “There is no disagreement on this point and failing to disclose it makes the fiscal notes and summaries inadequate and unfair as a matter of law.”?

Schweich’s description had pegged the maximum loss of revenue at $1.5 billion and told voters that the measure could result in new revenue of up to $300 million.?

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