From Brian Nieves' totally real column to Senate District 26 constiuents, distributed earlier today: 

As it stands right now, countries have to buy and sell on the international market using U.S. dollars — this means when countries buy oil from OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), they use U.S. currency. I could go into lengthy detail to explain all the aspects of how America, as we know it, could literally cease to exist if we lose the coveted position the U.S. dollar currently holds as the international medium of exchange. However, I will say this: the America you are accustomed to would no longer exist, and it is possible (even likely) that we could become weakened to the point of inviting an invading army. If that were to ever occur, and I pray it doesn't, I want an AR-15 in every closet of every house in America. Some Missourians do not believe this situation would happen, and I fervently pray they are correct. I fail to receive comfort in believing that the weakening of our nation could never happen, and I would feel much better if American citizens were armed.

Emphasis added. 

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