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Jay Nixon, Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty's mullet and other important people discussing the 2011 baseball playoffs and their favorite hunting spots

A few humble suggestions for the Governor and the Governor...

  1. If Texas wins, Nixon owes Perry a trout fishing trip to Roaring Rivers State Park.  If StL wins, Perry owes Nixon a guided trip through his west Texas family hunting camp.
  2. If StL wins, Nixon gets to needle Perry at the next Southern Governors' Association meeting.  If Texas wins, Perry gets to use a hypodermic needle to give the other governors mandatory HPV vaccinations.
  3. If Texas wins, Nixon actually has to watch the next six GOP Presidential debates.  If StL wins, Perry actually has to participate in another six GOP Presidential debates.
  4. If StL wins, Nixon buzzes Reunion Tower with an F/A-18 fly-by.  Texas wins, Perry flies an F-35 through the Gateway Arch.
  5. If StL wins, Perry forces U of Texas to disband the Longhorn Network and share 3rd tier TV revenue.  If Texas wins, Nixon has to help pay for higher education for undocumented immigrants at Lone Star State colleges.
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