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Time and time again, we see republicans calling for a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, an historic piece of legislation that has already worked to significantly reduce the number of uninsured Americans and has increased access to quality health care.

Here in Missouri, the numbers are incredible: nearly a million Medicare beneficiaries have access to free preventative health care, reducing the long term costs as we work to keep Missouri seniors healthy and work to catch and treat their illnesses at earlier stages. Additionally for seniors, the nearly 83,000 who have fallen into the so-called "donut-hole" received a $250 tax-free rebate and are receiving prescription drugs at a 50% discount this year.

We also hear from folks on the GOP side of the aisle that the Affordable Care Act harms small businesses, but the reality of it is that over 94,000 small businesses in the Show-Me state are receiving a part of the $40 billion in tax credits nationally to increase their ability to provide health insurance coverage that is affordable to their workers.

For young people, the impact of the Affordable Care Act has also been positive. According to a report released last month, over a million young Americans have health coverage in comparison to March of 2010.

Why any republican would feel the need to repeal the Affordable Care Act is mind boggling. Unless, of course, they stand to reap millions upon millions in campaign donations from insurance companies for trying to do away with one of the most significant pieces of legislation of our generation that improves Americans' lives on a daily basis. But I could be wrong.

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