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Questions, Oh So Many Questions...

Is Matt Blunt headed to jail?

What did he spend $100,000 in legal fees over the last quarter on? 

What is really on those tapes Scott Eckersley has? 

Will Chris Koster switch parties again?

Will Jim Talent give up his lucrative career as a special interest lobbyist to run?

Will Right Wing Rex pour millions into a campaign of his own? 

Will Col. Jack dust off his poll?

Will Catherine Hanaway give up the chance to give sweetheart deals to GOP legislators in a jam to run for office.

Will Rude Rod try to revive his career.

Will Sarah un-announce for Treasurer.

Will Kenny come home? 

Chip, anyone?

Will Roy come home and try to follow in his son's footsteps?


Fired Up!'s prayer: Peter Kinder.



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