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Ron Paul Revolultionaries Planning Sarah Steelman "Money Bomb"

Via Youtube comes an amateurish (that's part of the charm) web video from a member of the never-say-die Ron Paul internet dead-enders crew.  The vid encourages viewers to contribute to a Sarah Steelman "Money Bomb" on June 27th.

A "money bomb" is apparently a tactic used to great effect by the Ron Paul for President campaign, which raised $6 million in one day with its own money bomb earlier during the primary season.

The video, set to unlistenable electronic dance music, interestingly takes oblique shots at Steelman's opponent, points out that she is "against pork barrel spending" --a knowing reference to Steelman ads that have painted fellow GOPer Kenny Hulshof as a Congressional spendthrift.  It also notes that Steelman "loves the Constitution."  A fortuitous attribute for a political candidate. 

The video, which was posted on June 15th, seems unlikely to replicate Paul's massive haul for Steelman.  At the time of this posting it had been viewed just 172 times. 



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